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Accreditation of Professional Achievement and Learning
Latest Change to APAL ( January 2012)

Following a recent Board meeting, we are please to inform you that as a PGA ‘AA’ Class member you are now able to submit an APAL application once you have been a member for 3 years, rather than the previous timeline of 5 years. It has also been agreed that in very exceptional circumstances, where a member has achieved outstanding results relative to their time as a PGA member the APAL Council will be able to award a higher level of membership designation than the years served might previously have allowed.

Background Information
Following the review of several hundred applications for the Accreditation of Professional Achievement and Learning, there are now a number of professionals who have achieved the different levels of membership.
It has become clear from discussions and feedback from a variety of sources that further information about the form and the entire process may be useful.
The task that has been set for the APAL council - which includes senior Members of the PGA and external advisers, is a difficult and complex one. The PGA decided to follow the example of other professional bodies and link levels of membership to internal (and external) qualifications. It was decided that it would be preferable to recognise that some Members had already achieved a great deal and so should start from a different position to someone who has only recently qualified.
The APAL Notes & Examples document and the Application form (both documents are available below) have been designed to give Members the opportunity of having their experience, ongoing development and achievement recognised beyond their initial qualification as a PGA Professional.
It is important to give attention to the two parts of the concept - learning and achievement. Learning can take many forms, both formal (for example, through various courses) and informal (books, discussions and thinking). The first is relatively easy to measure, the second almost impossible. However, it may become apparent when linked to the second part - achievement. Where Members can demonstrate real achievement, there can be an element of assumption that this is because they have learned the skills and knowledge - through whatever means - to fulfil the role or roles.
This is measured through the application process using the application form supplied and then assessed by the council. It is not a perfect nor infallible process, but given the volume of work involved, it is workable, objective and fair. The principle decision making procedures and guidelines for applications are listed below:
Everyone who wishes to be considered needs to apply, no-one is awarded without application. Members must be class 'AA' to submit their application.
Each section of the form should be completed to give the council the opportunity to assess the application. Supplementary pages/evidence can be attached, but it is not sufficient to simply put 'see attached' in the box or to send in a CV and /or portfolio in place of the form.
At times, applicants give names of referees and/or names where further information can be found. This is not something the panel can do and all information should be enclosed.
It would be very helpful to provide evidence to support roles and articles. For example, written testimonials, letters and copies of articles.
For nationally recognised qualifications, copies of Certificates should be enclosed. If you are also a member of an overseas PGA and/or have worked with that golfing body overseas, it would clearly help to provide supporting letters or statements indicating your involvement.
Take care to fill in the form as if you were applying for an important job.
The council members make individual decisions and these are logged on to a sheet. If the vote is unanimous, then the grade is agreed without further discussion. If the vote is not unanimous, then the application is debated until a consensus is reached. If any one council member has strong views against the consensus, then the application is re-debated.

All submissions and further details should be addressed to:
 PGA Membership Department, Centenary House, The Belfry, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands. B76 9PT

Deadline submission date for applications

Meeting dates for the APAL council

23rd January 2014     

6th February 2014
15th May 2014     

29th May 2014
14th August 2014

                              28th August 2014                            
13th November 2014     

27th November 2014
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